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    Our AAF Football page is dedicated to informing the Alliance of American Football League fans of all AFF information and news at College Football Today. We will feature the AAF schedule, TV broadcast and current AAF rosters on our College Football Today AAF Football information page.


    Below are some of the AAF rules compared to the NFL rules we have in place today. The rules are met to implement player safety and make games come to a conclusion within a 2 and half hour time frame.
    Play clock: The AAF's play clock is 35 seconds, which is five seconds shorter than the NFL.
    Timeouts/challenges: There are no TV timeouts, which reduces the games to 150 minutes, instead of 180 minutes like the NFL. Coaches are limited to two challenges per game.
    Kickoffs: There are no kickoffs and the ball starts at the 25 yard line. For onside kicks, teams get one chance at a first down from their own 35 yard line in a 4th & 10 situation. If the offense converts the first down, the offense gets to retain possession.
    Two-point conversions: No point after touchdowns, just two point conversion attempts.
    Overtimes: The AAF has one overtime session where each team gets to start with the ball from their own 10 yard line. Just like in regulation, two point conversions are required and games can end in a tie.


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