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Nov 14, 2008
Boy, how can things change, so quickly!
The tiger fans go from holding their breath for 12 quarters for the first three games to rejoicing, last week. For the first time, this season, the players played Mizzou with thirst, hunger and total domination, for almost 4 quarters.
As soon as the weather men showed the map of hurricane Mathews, it was clear, way before today, that a game should not be played in Gainsville. It, also, became clear that if the game was not played elsewhere, on Saturday, this game won't be played. Only one possible conclusion could be drawn from the idea of playing a make up game that should not be made up. Florida did not want to face the Tigers, in Baton Rouge. In light of their injuries and given how the Tigers played Mizzou, I can't blame them. As for playing them, during the by week, the reason the by week was scheduled should be fulfilled. It does not get tougher than playing in the SEC and refreshing breaks are critical for LSU player's health.
Sep 6, 2007

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May 29, 2001
The gators are running scared from sling blade. They want to back into the SEC east.

They have been dodging hurricanes for decades, Miami type.

Now you see why anybody who can read depises the gators. They have tried to cancel the FSU game for decades.

I put this thread on the FSU board.

A criminole attempting a back-stabbing of their in-state big brother on an SEC board. Shouldn't you be pissin&moaning on the Clemp's-son or UL boards, about how it's not fair for both the crims and the scUM thugs of Mi-Am-I to again both miss out on the Almost Competitive Conference championship game? :p

BTW, how about both reFSUcks and the scUM thugs having no goners to join the SEC when they were both offered, but then whining about UF not playing them both to go with our 8-9 game SEC schedule. Seems fair, right? :confused: -- IF they really wanted a guaranteed game against UF every year, then why dodge the SEC?

Here's why:
reFSUcks 2015 Schedule included these monster teams:

3-9 TxSt
3-9 BC
3-9 WF
3-9 GaTech (that they actually lost to) :eek:
4-8 Syracuse
7-6 NCSt
D-2 Tenn-Chatt
Before losing by 2 TD's to 2nd Tier Houston in the Peach Bowl.

Yeah, you guys should hire Jimblow alright... :D

BTW, D-1's in Florida include (7):
UF - USF - UCF - FL-Atl - FL-Int - scUM & reFSUcks

On UF vs LSU and hurricanes...
You didn't play it in G'ville then, and we ain't playing it in BR now. :cool:
Dec 22, 2004
Your AD was a douche and got what he deserved. I love you LSU fans and love coming out there, but your AD was an asshole this whole process. Great Karma